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Get the very best prices for your scrap metal and have it collected free

Best Price

We Update our prices daily to ensure you get the best Price for your scrap metal.

Get the best price for your scrap metal

We offer the very best prices for your scrap copper pipe, cylinders and lead. We update or prices daily to ensure we are the most competitive on price whilst also offering free collection to allow you to spend more of your timing earning money.

We can pay more than other yards because we specialise in copper recycling and have a dedicated process to extract the maximum value rather than just shipping it on.

Being able to book a collection through our app 24 hours a day and getting live updates on when we’ll collect means you don’t have to take time away from earning money to get the best return for your scrap.

When it comes to payment we also make that easy, none of this trying to find a bank branch that’s still open cheque cashing nonsense. We can pay you directly to any nominated bank account, we can issue you with a pre-paid card which you can draw cash on from an ATM or we can even make payments to Paypal if you wish. Which ever method you choose we can assure you of strictest confidence.

We can also collect your scrap boilers, radiators and plastic oil tanks for recycling directly from your customers house with just the tap of a button on our app.

To find out why over 200 plumbers throughout Northern Ireland have moved to Metcollect to cash in their scrap copper get in touch with us today.

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Paid Directly

Money paid directly into your account automatically

Payment Directly into your account

Metcollect are the largest scrap cable recycler in Northern Ireland, we process 1000’s of tonnes a year of scrap cable into copper granules and pvc granules within our state of the art cable granulation facility. We have a processing capacity of 1 tonne per hour and this investment in efficiency means we can off the very best prices in NI for scrap cable. We guarantee to beat any price offered by another metal recycler for scrap cable.

In addition to the best prices for scrap cable we also offer a free cable drum collection service for our customers and are the only cable drum recycler in Northern Ireland.

We can provide a wide variety of collection containers and can collect from both your sites and your home yard to make it even easier to realise the value from your scrap cable.

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Metcollect is the largest cable recycler in Northern Ireland and offers the best prices for scrap copper cable on the island of Ireland, coupled with a fast & efficient collection service.

The team who run Metcollect Limited, believe in paying market leading prices for scrap metals from tradespeople - without them having to endure the untidiness of it lying around their houses, or the time, effort and cost to take it to their local scrap merchant.

Metcollect Limited has a fleet of collection vehicles, state of the art processing facilities and a fully automated payment system to pay you quickly once your scrap metals have been collected.

Our considerable investment in technology means you can view and change your payment info, access past payments and waste transfer notes and get real time updates on the time of your collection and you can do all of this from your phone.

At present we cover Northern Ireland, but will soon be expanding into the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

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Company Background

From it's beginnings in 2014 Metcollect has not only expanded the services it provides, to include handling electrical cable, aluminium, other metals and hazardous waste, but it has also expanded it's service areas to cover the whole of Northern Ireland. In recent years a move was made into the Republic where we are experiencing very rapid growth with the help of our business developement team, with further plans to expand in GreatBritain.

CEO - Geoff Angus




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Collection Vehicles

What We Do

Cable Recycling

We recycle all types of cabling in an environmentally friendly manner to extract the maximum re-usable material from them.

Copper Recycling

We collect all of your copper and brass scrap and process it in our factory to create clean material for export to manufacturing facilities who make new plumbing materials from it.

Non- Ferrous Metal Recycling

We collect and process all non-ferrous scrap metals with a particular specialism in copper, aluminium and lead. We pay market leading prices and as well as providing a collection service we can even provide containers to make the storing of your materials safe and tidy.

Cable Drum Recycling

We are the largest cable drum recycler in Ireland and collect drums from all over the island both North and South. We offer a FREE all Ireland collection service (subject to sufficient number of drums) and collection times and arrangements to suit you.

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Steel and Iron Recycling

We specialise in collecting smaller quantities of scrap metal from our customers and provide free containers to our customers. We typically use our 1200 mm square bulk boxes and these are collected by our taillift lorries.

Equestrian Surfacing

The pvc granules we produce from our cable recycling facility are in great demand by the equestrian community for use sand school surfacing.


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Fast Payment

We set our prices every day to make sure you always get the best price. Payments are made directly to your nominated bank or Paypal account.


Return your bin at anytime

There is no contract period and bins can be returned at ay time for a refund of the deposit. Use our bins for Copper Cable, Copper cylinders and pipe, Brass, Aluminium, Lead and all other types of scrap Copper. For our larger customers who have the space we can offer IBC's or skips for their waste to be collected in.


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