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Metcollect FREE cable drum and reel recycling web content

Metcollect is the largest wooden cable drum recycler on the Island of Ireland and the only company to offer a FREE collection service for cable reels.

Whilst used timber cable drums have a low economic value they can have a substantial cost when it comes to waste disposal off site and their bulky volume means it can take many skips for a relatively small number of drums depending on their size. Estimates suggest that over half of the used cable drums in Ireland are landfilled each year and the environmental impact of this should not be underestimated either.

We work with a number of cable manufacturers across Europe to facilitate the return of wooden cable drums for re-use in their manufacturing processes thus considerably reducing the carbon footprint of the electrical industry and the cost to your business of drum disposal.

We will collect for free your used cable drums and reels from both the North and South of Ireland before bringing them back to our own storage and processing facility where they will be graded, repaired if necessary and shipped onward to be re-used by our cable manufacturer partners. (May be subject to minimum quantity)

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